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Find Help Near You

Our volunteers (Vincentians) provide assistance to you in your home, on the street or in shelters. Volunteers work in their own communities, and respond to your calls for assistance to the best of their ability and resources. This can take the form of food, clothing, medical or assistance with other basic living needs.

We are here to support individuals and families as we would support a friend. No distinction is made as to whom we serve. Using our Conference map below, please contact one of our volunteers by selecting the community which is closest to you. Alternatively, please see the
Contact page for other options.

Note: Dartmouth is not covered by the Halifax Particular Council. If you live in Dartmouth and are looking for assistance, please call the Dartmouth Particular Council at (902) 435-2500, Ext. 4


Another excellent source of services is 211, a directory of all services available in Nova Scotia: This service lists everything available provincially, through public, community and private organizations and covers everything from housing needs, clothing, medical, legal and financial services and more. You can phone 211 or visit their website by clicking on the logo.

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