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Become a Volunteer

There are a number of ways you can get directly involved in service to those in need.

Full Membership – Following the completion of a screening process, Full Members participate regularly in the meetings and charitable activities of the conference.

Auxiliary Member - Any person, whether this person be Catholic or not, who accepts the Society’s principles, may become an Auxiliary Member. Auxiliary Members may or may not have contact with those being served and have limited organizational roles.


Casual Helper - Our parish-based conferences welcome and appreciate the assistance provided by those who want to get involved and make a difference but do not feel they can commit their time on a regular basis. As a Casual Helper, you will assist members in various charitable activities and will get to know the Society and the local members. 


Youth Youth are especially welcomed to join our conferences by offering their time either as a Casual Helper, Youth Adult Member (19+ yrs.) or Youth Member (12 to 18 yrs.)

Please contact the conference in your community. Alternately, please see the Contact page for other options.

Group Meeting
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