Halifax Particular Council

What is the Halifax Particular Council?

Halifax Particular Council coordinates the work of 18 Conferences made up of volunteers that serve the Central Region of Nova Scotia. The Council includes representatives from each conference.

For a list of our conferences click here.

Role and Responsibilities

  • The Particular Council coordinates and supports the activities of the Conferences under its jurisdiction;
  • The Particular Council serves the conferences by furthering charitable activities.

  • The Particular Council engages the community through Special Works - Hand In Hand Thrift Store and Hope Cottage.

The Particular Council keeps conferences informed about:

  • changing social conditions;
  • new issues and programs;
  • modification of, or additions to internal policies and procedures as well as changes in the Operations Manual;
  • major events.

We welcome those interested in becoming a volunteer. If you would like to be a part of our organization, please contact the conference in your area.